Since shooting my first short film at college, I fell in love with the magic of story telling. I believe in the beauty of film to tell a story. Your love story.  

I moved to London from a small seaside town to pursue the bright lights and be inspired by this City. For the best of 6 years I’ve trained and worked in the TV and film industry as an assistant editor on cinematic releases. Having worked alongside some of the industry’s award winning cinematographers, directors and editors, including “Happy Go Lucky” (Dir. Mike Leigh) “Never Let Me Go” (Dir. Mark Romanek) “28 Weeks Later” (Dir. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo). I’m lucky to say I know how an amazing story can be told. It’s from the heart.

Film making brings me joy and it’s about creating an experience, a connection and evoking real emotions.

Asides from films, I’m obsessed with Vietnamese chicken pho, Instagram and spending time with my husband. I also enjoy travelling, pilates  and Amaretto sours on a night out!

It’s important to me for you to feel a connection with my films and the way I work. If you feel we would be a good match – that’s great, I look forward to hearing from you!



Image Charlotte Hu